About Me

I'm currently a PhD. student at the Computer Science Department of University of Brasilia under the supervision of Dra Mylene C.Q. Farias. Previously, I pursued a B.E. in Computational Physics at the University of Brasilia. Presently I work at the physics department at the University of Brasilia in the Laboratory for Scientific Computing (LCC), where I develop for automation and management of clusters and computer networks.



I am interested in digital signal processing (mainly images and videos), high-performance computing, computational methods, operating systems and network security. I am also a polyglot programming enthusiast. So, I love learning about paradigms and programming languages.

Previously, in my Master's thesis, I have worked on methods for super-resolution, with particular emphasis to high-performance computing strategies. As secondary research, I have developed and published algorithms for inverse halftoning, video watermarking, error concealment and digital forgery detection.

My current focus is on video quality assessment and validation of visual signal quality metrics. In my PhD research I intend to incorporate aspects of visual attention into the design of regular video processing algorithms (such as coders, quality metrics, etc). I am interested in understanding how attention affect quality judgments and the annoyance caused by artifacts.


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